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Hit the Dance Floor and Get Fit!

When it comes to getting fit, there is no more fun, artistic way to go about it than through dance. Dance builds strength and flexibility, improves your coordination and "gracefulness", not to mention, dance is SEXY!!! Have you ever seen a hot dancer's body? And I'm not talking skinny, emaciated ballerinas, but those hot back up girls and guys that go on tour with the likes of Britney, Madonna, and all the mega superstars? Dancers are HOT, and with just a bit of dedication on your part, you can be hot too!

The genres run the gamut, but the ones that will find you working the hardest are undoubtedly Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdancing, Swing Dancing and Crunk. Want to pump up your sexy? Then Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Tango are where you will learn those romantic, temperature raising moves. Even in these classes, whether in a group or one on one situation, you will find yourself working up a sweat, burning those cals, and most of all HAVING FUN!

Don't have the funds to take a class? Well, put some of your favorite music on and have a dance class of your own right there in your living room. Be sure to pick your favorite songs that will get you up, moving and motivated. You remember those club hits that used to make you go crazy! Find them and bring the club right home, turn up the volume and rock it out like it's nobody else's business!

Working out to music not only gives you a great feeling, but it will keep you at it longer. So, pump up those tunes, or get yourself to class and do it!


Training Music - What is Your Top Workout Song?

First of all you need to take action. You need to decide if you want to stay healthy and fit. I am not here to give you the secrets of the ultimate workout. We all think and act in different ways, I'm here to give you one method that helped me along the way. Training with the right music is the key here. We all have different taste so you need to find out what suits best for you. My main keypoints here are:

What type of music is YOUR favorite

If you go to the gym today you hear some kind of techno crap playing over and over again. I'm not saying that i don´t like techno, i actually love at that is what i listen to the most when I'm training. But usually the gyms play some kind of mainstream music that I'm not in to. And thats what I'm saying, we all have different type of taste in music. So pick the music you are familiar to, so you feel secure when you hit the gym.

Variety, music and training is different for everyone

But even though you for example don´t like rock, you can still get some pumping action. It´s the tempo that decides how fast and slow your workout will be. My training consist of low tempo tracks in the beginning, and in the end of the training with high tempo tracks. I finish off with a low tempo, maybe mellow song. Why? Because after a good training session your body isn't just exhausted physically but also mentally. This is why when you have finished training just sit and relax and listen to a soft and easy song.

Organize your playlist. Next time you go to the gym, think about the music that is already playing.

Do you think that is the music that will give it your top workout and discipline?
Maybe, Maybe not. If you already are listening to your own music, then i think it is important to try to at least organize them into the right tempo and mode.
I will show you some of my examples of this. This is what i listen to when i start my training. Warming up, stretching and getting focused.

diplo - News Flash

This is what i listen to in the END of my training Session.

Black Noise - Check The Blast (Original Mix)

This is what i listen to when i have FINISHED my training session.

Clarinet in a Major-Mozart

Want to learn more and get my secret method of my workouts? Learn how I've got fit i was this skinny guy who tried pretty much everything, well if you want to learn more visit http://www.trainingmusic.org

Modern Belly Dancing Music

You may already have an idea about what belly dancing music is and what it is not. Maybe you have formed mental images of the Pyramids or the sun setting in an Egyptian sky. The music that you imagine is usually of a typical sound. But you might be surprised to find that the techno beats of modern music are a wonderful variation on the traditional music.

The Mix of Styles

The music used today is a mix of different styles. They are as different as the many varieties of dance movements used in belly dancing. The pop music that is popular in Egypt has become an influence in the music that is used today in the dance. Latin and Saudi influences have also made their way into the music that is heard today.

When you are choosing the music for your routine you should select something that will inspire you to dance. It should be a unique mix that expresses your personal tastes and accents the movements you are performing. There are some people that feel more comfortable with the music of Egypt because of its tradition and unique flavor.

If you have never heard Show Me by Ofra Haza you might well take a listen and see if it fits with your dance routine. It is a mix of the pop music of the Middle East combined with Saudi, and Beladi. When you hear this music you will immediately think of belly dancing.

It is the same as listening to music in a nightclub. The music is designed to inspire people to dance. The same can be said of belly dancing music. The music may be something that you have never heard before, but you will no doubt feel the urge to get up and dance when it is played.

Traditional music is heavily inspired by oriental music. It is full of spontaneous sounds and will get you up on your feet when you listen. When a dancer is dancing to this spontaneous music they may find that their movements will change as they are inspired by the music. This is a spectacular performance. Too many belly dancing routines are heavily choreographed and have lost much of the spontaneity of the dance.

Many of the routines used today are directly influenced by the new modern music. This music has changed the way it is performed. It is an ever evolving art form that has taken a giant step into modern times.

Paul J Eastwood


Pick the Best Walking Music to Maximize Your Walking Workouts

Listening to walking music is a great way to boost your energy and pass the time while fitness walking. Listening to our favorite upbeat music gives us energy. Maybe you tap your fingers or move your feet to the beat. The good news is that you can use this energy to improve your walking workouts.

A study conducted at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia found that students were able to go 11 percent further while listening to music than students listening to static or no music at all. Upon completion of exercise, the students who listened to music reported lower levels of exertion than students who listened to silence or static.

This study indicates that walking music is a very powerful tool. It can help you walk further and feel less tired than walking without music.

Walking music can truly be a motivational tool. Here are some helpful tips to help pick the right songs for you.

Pick the Perfect Pace

Try to listen to music that matches your walking pace. If you listen to music that is too slow, you may slow your walking pace without even realizing it. Instead, choose a tempo that matches your pace or is slightly faster than your pace to keep your energy level up. Here are some guidelines for every level of fitness walking.

Beginners should listen to slow walking music, which has a tempo of 115 to 118 beats per minute.
Intermediate walkers can listen to brisk walking music, which has a tempo of 118 to 126 beats per minute.
Advanced walkers should listen to fast walking music, which has a tempo of 130 to 138 beats per minute.
Power walkers can listen to power walking music, which has a tempo of 137 or more beats per minute.

How to Find Walking Music

It can be difficult to determine the beats per minute for a song. It often isn't available on popular music downloading sites or on the album itself. Conduct an internet search for a site named Best Workout Music. It has cataloged a variety of songs based on their beats per minute. You can pick the tempo you are interested in and it will provide you with a list of songs that you may like.

You can also buy a walking music CD. These CDs contain popular songs that have been recreated to match tempos that are appropriate for every level of fitness walking. Some of these CDs come with a recorded warm-up and cool-down session to provide you with a complete walking workout. You can find these CDs on many websites including iTunes and Amazon.

Now that your iPod or MP3 player is packed with great walking music, you are ready to start walking and experience the invigorating effect of walking music. Just remember to keep the volume low so that you can hear the sounds around you, such as traffic, animals and other people that share the road with you.

By Melissa Ellefsen

Melissa Ellefsen is passionate about fitness walking! Visit http://www.the-fitness-walking-guide.com for advice, recommendations and the latest news on all things related to fitness walking. For more great ideas about walking music, visit http://www.the-fitness-walking-guide.com/walking-music.html


Royalty Free Music - Steps to Finding Your Perfect Video Sound Source

Royalty free music is an incredible way to add something extra to your videos. Before you get started using what you think is royalty free, you need to understand exactly what terms come along with the music. It's a sad fact, but there are some companies out there that are changing what it means to be royalty free!

When it was just independent companies running things, the music was completely yours to do what you wanted with for just a small, one-time fee. Nowadays, there are some companies who have changed the rules on their music. They may make you pay more depending on how many times you use the music, etc.

The good news is that there are still reliable sources of royalty free music out there where you won't have to worry about additional licensing or terms. This can be a breath of fresh air for you if you plan on creating video with sound to sell, or doing something else with the sounds that would require you to sell multiple copies.

After you find the right source of this music, you can really start to get excited about your video project! Not only are you going to produce an amazing video, you're also going to have an amazing sound that fits perfectly. You won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to copyright or 'getting in trouble.'

The only thing you really need to concern yourself with is what kind of music you choose. There are some packages that come with hundreds upon hundreds of different royalty free sounds! Going through all of these can be difficult, but there are some things you can do to make things quite a bit easier.

The first step is to figure out what the tone of your video should be. Some productions are serious for business purposes. Other videos are created for a cause or social group. Still other videos are created for personal reasons, and may be romantic, funny, sad, or serious. You need to narrow down what emotions and feelings you want your video to evoke, and then you can really start to choose the right music for you.

The important thing is not to get too caught up in trying to find that one perfect track. The chances are good that there are a few (or several!) that would be just perfect for you. Over time, you'll start to develop a keen sense for what kind of music fits where in your videos.

Don't forget that what is showing during the video should really match up to the feeling of the song. A great way to do this is to pay attention to your video background. When you synchronize the two you'll have excellent results that your viewers are sure to respond well to.

Finding royalty free music is an important step in video production. You do need to be very careful about your rights with some music as there are companies that have changed the rules. Once you find the right source you can begin the work of finding the perfect music for the video.

About the Author:

Thomas is a motion graphics designer and video producer. You can see his latest video background animation product with several high quality video backgrounds and royalty free music clips and sound effects at http://www.mediashock-fx.com