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The Expresso Bike and New Trends in Fitness

When you are riding a stationary bike, there are truly few options for entertainment. Lack of being entertained and boredom can actually make people not interested in exercise and that's why companies have been trying to develop products and equipment over the last few years that takes the boredom out of exercise. Typically, when you are riding a stationary bike, you have the option of listening to some music to keep you going. Expresso Fitness Corp. from California is trying to change that however and has come out with a new stationary bike that they hope will keep you intrigued while you are pedaling.

If you really like listening to music while on a stationary bike, then the Expresso Bike would still be right up your alley as the bike has built in music channels, but it goes above and beyond what any standard bike is equipped with. Here are a few of the entertaining features of the Expresso Bike:

· You can create your own Avatar, just like you can with some online computer applications.

· The Expresso Bike has a built in computer that lets riders access several virtual biking courses on the screen. The point is to try and make riders feel like they are riding a real bike on a course.

· Riders can race other riders when they are riding their Expresso Bike. You are actually racing against virtual riders and their avatars.

· Long gone are the set in stone handlebars of traditional stationary bikes, as the Expresso Bike's handlebars move to give riders the feel of riding a real bike.

· If you are used to shifting a real bike, then the Expresso Bike also allows riders to shift gears as well.

This new niche in stationary fitness does have one downfall to it and that's the price. The Expresso Bike was developed mainly for gyms, but people can purchase them for home use as well. If you are looking to purchase one of these interactive machines, it is going to cost you a little over $5000 to purchase the bike, have it shipped to you and installed. If you are not sure if this is something you want to drop a good amount of change on, then you might want to call around to your local gyms to see if they have one that you could use to see if it is something that you would actually be interested in.

Entertainment while exercising is something people seem to long for. When MP3 players first came out, they were an immediate hit with runners, walkers and those who hit the gym frequently. Exercise equipment that is interactive is an up and coming niche and it is going to be interesting to see new and interactive exercise equipment hit the market.

For more on the Expresso Bike and its features, visit http://www.theinternettimemachine.com