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How to Transfer Music to an iPod

With all the new technology today, it can often be difficult keeping up with what is new and how to take advantage of all the functions each new piece of technology brings with it. iPods are one of those "new gadgets" with lots of perks, but they are not much good to you if you can't figure out how to use them.

The best option with the iPod is the ability to upload music. The iPod has a relatively easy to follow options menu that will assist you in achieving your goal of transferring your play lists from your computer to your iPod. The following steps should help you easily get the music transfer done.

First you will need to have music saved to your computer that you are going to want on your iPod. Make sure the music you have on your computer has been downloaded from a trusted site. Once you have your selected music you will need to get access to iTunes.

ITunes is a free download from the Apple website and is, of course, compatible with your iPod. Once iTunes has been downloaded to your home computer or laptop you will need to decide which songs you want to have on your iPod. Once the songs have been selected, make a collection of them on iTunes by the "click and drag" function of each selection from the computer to iTunes.

Now, you will need the USB cord for your iPod and connect it from your iPod into your computer's USB terminal. Your computer and iPod will automatically synchronize the music files into your iPod.

If you have a great CD collection but do not want to have to download all of the music to your computer that is on the CD to your iPod, there is a quick and easy way to choose the songs you want. Just place the music CD into your computer's CD dive and transfer the desired music to iTunes directly and from there. It works the same as the downloaded music. You just need a simple plugged in USB cord to connect the two machines and the rest is done automatically for you.

If you are not a fan of "click and drag" then just click on "File" and select "Add to Library." Each time you wish to add new music to your iPod, just follow the same procedure and the iTunes program will coordinate with your iPod to keep all your music files updated.

With all that new music sitting there on your iPod waiting to be listened to, it seems that you are ready for the day, but what happens when you hit the maximum capacity on your iPod? Fortunately, iTunes is clever enough to have an "Auto Fill" feature which allows it to select the proper number of songs or other downloaded materials that will fit on the iPod. Your iPod can even be configured to be seen as part of your computers hard drive and an icon placed on your desktop. This allows you to manually drag files and drop them into the iPod.

As simple as this task can be, it is sometimes easy to get confused, but hopefully the instructions have been helpful and you are now well on your way to enjoying your tunes and your iPod!

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