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Spice up your workouts with Ultimate Reggaeton Mix! Great for rocking that Zumba! Get it pumped!!

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Hott Pick of the Week: Alex Guadino (feat Shena) Watch Out

This video concept is sick. Great imagination. Makes a girl wanna do some pushups or something. Guys, we know what it makes YOU want to do! ;)


Hit the Dance Floor and Get Fit!

When it comes to getting fit, there is no more fun, artistic way to go about it than through dance. Dance builds strength and flexibility, improves your coordination and "gracefulness", not to mention, dance is SEXY!!! Have you ever seen a hot dancer's body? And I'm not talking skinny, emaciated ballerinas, but those hot back up girls and guys that go on tour with the likes of Britney, Madonna, and all the mega superstars? Dancers are HOT, and with just a bit of dedication on your part, you can be hot too!

The genres run the gamut, but the ones that will find you working the hardest are undoubtedly Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdancing, Swing Dancing and Crunk. Want to pump up your sexy? Then Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Tango are where you will learn those romantic, temperature raising moves. Even in these classes, whether in a group or one on one situation, you will find yourself working up a sweat, burning those cals, and most of all HAVING FUN!

Don't have the funds to take a class? Well, put some of your favorite music on and have a dance class of your own right there in your living room. Be sure to pick your favorite songs that will get you up, moving and motivated. You remember those club hits that used to make you go crazy! Find them and bring the club right home, turn up the volume and rock it out like it's nobody else's business!

Working out to music not only gives you a great feeling, but it will keep you at it longer. So, pump up those tunes, or get yourself to class and do it!